Looking for a motorcoach friendly Christmas Light Drive Thru in Branson, MO?

Look no further.  This is your best bet for your group in Branson and a three time winner of the Best of Branson for Christmas Light Drive Thru!  We’ve hosted hundreds of motorcoaches coming to Branson to celebrate Ozark Mountain Christmas.  Your groups will love our Christmas displays.

The Lights of Joy Christmas Drive Thru is 100% motorcoach friendly.

 TOP 9 Questions groups often ask us? 

Question:  Do I have to book in advance or make a reservation?

Answer:  No, but you can.  There is no requirement to book in advance.  If you show up and haven’t paid yet you’ll be asked to pay the attendant.  If you pay and book in advance it would be great for you to bring your email confirmation.


Question:  Can buses get through easily?

Answer:  Yes.  This is a paved road that is approximately 1 mile long once you turn off of Shepherd of the Hills Expressway onto Expressway Lane.


Question:  Do I pay at the beginning?

Answer:  No.  You will actually go thru some of the drive thru before you reach our ticket booth at the bottom of the hill.   You will not go to the ticket booth.  You will stop near the ticket booth and one of our attendants will get on the motorcoach to welcome you, get payment or verify payment.  We take credit cards, cash and checks (as long as they are good)!


Question:  Where are you located?

Answer:  We are located just north of the Sight and Sound Theater.  If you are headed N. on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, we will be the first left after you pass Sight & Sound Theater.

You will see some lights on the main road of Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.  However the bulk of our lighting displays will be on Expressway Lane.  You will turn left onto Expressway Lane.


Question:  How long does it take?

Answer:  It is very hard to answer this question due to a variety of variables.  How slow or fast does the driver go?  How many cars are also going through.  At a 10 miles per hour average.  It will take your group 6 minutes to get through it.  At 5 miles per hour, it will take the group 12 minutes.   We have several digital boards in the drive thru that offer Christmas trivia and the story of Christmas.  We encourage you to stop and read these all the way through their cycle.  If the driver stops to read these this will also add time to the mix.


New in 2023,   we have a new option where you can pay a small upcharge to go through a second time.  This was done with feedback from a motorcoach operator.  This would allow folks to switch sides on the motorcoach and see it again.  This must be completed the same night and must be paid at the time of initial purchase.


What is the cost?

Our prices have not increased in 2023 for motorcoaches, minibuses, and limos.

Motorcoach is $70.00.  Limos and minibuses are $55.00  This includes the tax. 


Question:  Do you have a gift shop or concessions?

Answer:  Yes.  We sell popcorn and candy as well as some lovely gifts that would make great souvenirs for family and friends.  This is new in 2023.  Our Kettle corn is a big hit with groups.  If we have some we’d be happy to sell your group some big bags of Kettle Corn for $10.00 a piece .  Concessions and the gift shop are normally open Friday thru Sunday.


Question:  Is Santa there?

Answer:  Yes, on select nights.  We don’t have many groups that get out to go see Santa but if we did that would be great.  See our Santa schedule if this is of interest to your group.  Pictures are free with your own devices.  Mrs. Claus is there on select nights.


Question:  Can I take a tour if I don’t have a car?

Answer:  Yes,  there are several local Branson companies that do Branson Christmas light tours around Branson.  We would encourage you to buy a spot on one of their tours if that makes sense for you or your group.


Listed below are a variety of local tour companies that go thru the Lights of Joy Christmas Light Drive thru in Branson, Missouri.


VIP Tours – viptoursofbranson.com  417-337-4129 or 479-244-5116

The Redneck Comedy Bus Tour  theredneckbus.com,  417-313-1033

Trolley Trips -trolleytrips.com  417-598-9099

Amigos Taxi / Limo Time Entertainment  – limotimeentertainment.com  417-599-0438


If this doesn’t answer your Branson group questions, please feel free to call us at 417-336-2744.  We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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